Superbugs and the Evolution of Germs

That cold you’ve had for two weeks instead of days? The flu season that now drags on for months instead of weeks? You are experiencing your own evolved germs.

While MRSA might make the superbug, everyday infections too are evolving.

It seems despite the panoply of antibiotics and medicines at our disposal, infections are spreading more easily than ever before — and new strains of viruses are being discovered at a record rate. It looks like we’re losing the battle against these ever-stronger germs. Is there anything we can do to fight drug resistance in bacteria?

Prevention is better than cure

To help keep germs at bay and to halt the spread of disease we should keep our immune systems strong by eating well and exercising, adhere to high standards of hygiene in the home and practise regularly making use of hand sanitizers. Wash hands with Lifebuoy bar soap and water at key moments like before eating and after going to the toilet.

Here’s our list of tips:

  1. Eat vitamin rich food
  2. Stay active, exercise keeps our minds and bodies healthy
  3. Practice good hygiene: regular handwashing with antibacterial soaps will stave off infections
  4. Rest is vital: a good sleeping pattern helps the body restore itself, eight hours per night is recommended

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