Superbugs - The Rise of Antibiotic Resistance

In our hectic ever-changing world, there is one thing we can be certain: nothing stays the same. And that includes germs. As we get stronger, fitter and smarter, so do they. They’re building resistance to antibiotics and transmitting from animals to humans through the food-chain including infections like Salmonella and Bird Flu. It’s estimated that by 2015 more than half of the developing world’s population will live in cities. And as we move to urban communities the germs move with us helping the germs ‘evolve’ by breeding and mutating through food, water, rodents, flies and mosquitos.

A simple solution

There is something that can be done in the fight against these ‘evolved germs’ and to help prevention of diseases. Practising good hand hygiene by simply washing our hands at key occasions like before eating and after visiting the toilet, means we can better protect our loved ones and ourselves from catching diseases and prevent the spread of infection-causing germs.  

We can turn to timeless Mother Earth for help, too. After all, there are organisms in nature that have lasted thousands of years and resisted all sorts of virulent strains without the need for chemicals.

Activ Naturol Shield is a synergistic combination of naturally occurring germ protection agents, cleansing and skin care ingredients. New Lifebuoy clini-care10, made with Activ Naturol Shield addresses the germ problem in three ways. It removes more germs, it removes germs quickly and provides protection for long after washing while being mild on the skin*.

*As per tests conducted in accredited laboratories.

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