Bar soap

Lifebuoy Honey & Turmeric bar soap contains a special formulation of Honey, a natural antibacterial, antioxidant and detoxifying ingredient! Buy now. 

Lifebuoy Sea Mineral Germ Protection BAr Soap contains advanced germ protection goodness of Sea Mineral and gives 99.9% germ protection. Buy now. 

Powered by Activ Silver Formula - Neem & Aloe Vera Germ Protection Bar Soap Gives you 100% Stronger Germ Protection. Buy now. 

Lifebuoy Lemon Fresh Germ Protection Bar Soap is the perfect solution to kill skin infection causing sweat germs & end body odour. Buy now. 

Lifebuoy Mild Care Germ Protection Bar Soap - Specially recommended for sensitive skin. Buy now. 

Nature Soap Bar from Lifebuoy will leave you clean and fresh while the advanced formulation cares for your skin and keeps it healthy. Buy now. 

Lifebuoy Total 10 Germ Protection Bar Soap for a deep cleansing experience. Buy now.