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Tentang Kampanye C untuk Cuci Tangan

The ABCs of education haven’t changed in over a hundred years. Maybe, now is the time.

Handwashing has never been more important. As the world marks Global Handwashing Day while fighting the COVID 19 global pandemic, Unilever Lifebuoy wants to make sure handwashing gets the attention it deserves.

Children have been learning the letters of the alphabet for hundreds of years through simple connections with everyday things. The letter H has always stood for common objects like ‘Hat,’ but this is the right moment in the history of the world to forever change what H stands for. From ‘H for Hat’, to ‘H for Handwashing’. Handwashing’. As part of our new “H for Handwashing” global campaign, we seek to transform the letter H into a symbol for handwashing and inspire others to join this movement.

This change starts with the young but will be heard by everyone. H for Handwashing is not just meant for children, but for all educators in life teachers, parents, mentors, caregivers, siblings, and grandparents. Likewise, through advocacy at the highest levels with ministries, education policy makers and influencers, we can ensure schools and curriculums include changing handwashing behavior at scale. Let’s make this Global Handwashing Day a lesson the world will never forget!

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Tentang Kampanye C untuk Cuci Tangan