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Lifebuoy Sustainability
Lifebuoy sustainability
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Our Mission

Lifebuoy is a brand born with the mission to prevent the spread of infections and save lives. People have been at the heart of everything we do: our product, our purpose, our programs and our communication.

Our philosophy is simple- Saving Lives, Saving the Planet. We aim to protect 2 billion people from infection causing germs through superior and sustainable germ protection technology, while protecting the planet by shifting to deforestation- free palm, enabling water saving through our handwash and sanitizer formats, enabling plastic reduction and plastics collection. 


Climate change, coupled with water mismanagement and overconsumption, are contributing to water scarcity across many parts of the globe. Nearly two-thirds of the world’s population is predicted to face water shortages by 2025.

This is why at Lifebuoy, we proactively look for ways to save water and protect our planet. Did you know that washing hands with Lifebuoy Handwash(190 ml) saves approximately 9 litres of water per bottle vs washing hands with soap bar, which is equivalent to 35 cups of coffee, thus positively impacting our consumers and the planet. 

Biodegradable Formula
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Recyclable Bottle 

We want a world without plastic pollution. But, as things stand, by 2040 the oceans will be awash with four times as much plastic as there is today.

Here at Lifebuoy, we believe that the plastic in our products is our responsibility. As a result, for the last few years, we have been on a journey to reduce plastics in our bottles. In 2021, we saved equivalent of 500 tonnes of plastic because of our redesigned pack shape. Additionally, our handwash bottle is a recyclable bottle (without pump) which helps to reduce plastic pollution. 

95% Biodegradable Formula 

Lifebuoy’s Handwash, Hand Sanitizer, Germs Kill Spray and Soap Bar product ranges are all made up of 95% Biodegradable Formula.

What this means is that our products’ formula is easily broken down into water, carbon dioxide and other biological material, which helps to reduce any long-term impact on the environment. This way, we offer more efficacious and sustainable products, while delivering superior germ protection technology & continue to protect our consumers from infection causing germs. 

Biodegradable Formula
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LIFEBUOY Powder to Liquid Handwash 

Introducing our newly launched Lifebuoy Powder to Liquid Handwash! This magical powder, when mixed with water, transforms into liquid handwash that fights 99.9% virus with every wash.

We proudly celebrate this handwash as our most planet positive mix and with good reason – It potentially saves 400 million litres of water per year and uses 90% less plastic vs a regular handwash bottle. At just Rs. 10, consumers can get to enjoy this affordable and effective handwash that fights harmful germs, while being sustainable and kind to the planet.