Lifebuoy Care Soap Bar 


Lifebuoy Care soap bar is specially formulated to give both germ protection and care. It contains the goodness of milk cream and gives your skin a soft and smooth feel. Lifebuoy Care soap’s advanced Silver Shield Formula gives 100% stronger protection*. Our skin is the first line of defense from the outside world. Hence, it is extremely important to take care of your skin. Personal hygiene helps your skin stay healthy and protected. Good personal hygiene makes the skin healthy, which can then help protect against infection causing germs#. Lifebuoy Care bar soap is designed with milk cream and moisturizing ingredients to make your skin feel clean, healthy. Milk cream is known for its moisturizing benefit. Its rich, foamy lather helps to thoroughly clean, remove dirt, dust, oil, grime, and germs. It invigorates your senses and makes your skin feel soft and smooth, while also giving germ protection.


• Lifebuoy Care Soap Bar is uniquely formulated to protect you from germs and at the same time to care for your skin • Lifebuoy Care Soap has the goodness of milk cream, which gives you healthy-looking skin • Its Silver Shield Formula gives you 100% stronger protection* • Get Lifebuoy Care and protect yourself and your family from infection-causing germs# • Lifebuoy is the world's Number 1 Selling Germ Protection Soap^


You can also choose from some of the other Lifebuoy Soap Bar variants including Lifebuoy Total 10, Lemon Fresh, Lifebuoy Neem, and Lifebuoy Turmeric. *as per lab test, on indicator organism vs. ordinary soap without actives #as per lab test ^ Unilever calculation based on Nielsen Volume sales information for the total markets (Latest 12 months)