5 Top Health Tips for Summer

Stay one step ahead of infections this summer with Lifebuoy

Many of us love the summer sun, but unfortunately for us bacteria love the warmth too - a single bacterial cell can multiply into 131,072 bacteria in warm conditions! So it is unsurprising that they are the main cause of most summer infections such as prickly heat, gastroenteritis, typhoid, worms and food poisoning! This summer…

1. Swap dark, synthetic fabrics…for loose cotton summer clothes…

Light cotton clothes let your skin breathe and reduce perspiration. The build-up of perspiration acts as a breeding ground for bacteria which can cause prickly heat.

2.Swap playing in the midday sun…for playing outdoors in the shade

It is best to avoid the sun at times when it is at its peak (often between 10am to 3pm).

3. Swap fizzy drinks… for hydrating water!

Our bodies are made up of around 60% water! They are at their best when they stay hydrated, and are more likely to be able to protect you and your children from the onslaught of germs.

4. Swap beauty soap… for health soap, like Lifebuoy Activfresh soaps and body wash

Lifebuoy Activfresh soaps and body wash are created for washing away germs. They have a cooling sensation on skin and give long-lasting protection against germs commonly associated with summer infections.

5. Swap junk food… for fruit & vegetables

Try papaya and mangos, they are rich in vitamins A, C and E – natural boosters for the immune system and ideal for a summer diet.


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