Experts Share Their Views on Summer Infections

Expert #1:
Dr. Vibhav Sanzgiri,
Global Research and Development Director, Unilever, Lifebuoy

Prickly heat heat is a common summer infection, caused by bacteria infecting pores blocked by excess perspiration. But you don’t have to stop your children from playing outside to avoid Prickly heat, simply ensure they wear lightweight clothes to reduce perspiration, and bathe when they come in to wash away any sweat and germs. We at Lifebuoy believe prevention is better than the cure, which is why we’ve created soap that gives protection from 10 infection causing germs, to keep your family one step ahead.”

Expert #2:
Teacher, Anoushka Sharma

“At school and summer camp, the large number of children playing together means infections spread easily. While children are having fun is also the best time to teach them infection-beating habits for life, so we make sure all our children know to stay in the shade, keep hydrated and wash their hands with soap before eating. We check the children’s hands are clean using UV glow scanners to highlight germs – the children love it!”

Expert #3:
Mother, Arti Herlina

“As a mother of three, I know how important healthy eating is for children. Dehydration is a big concern in the summer heat, so I keep my children hydrated with lemon soda and bottled water. Cut fruit from roadside vendors is a temptation for my children, so I carry washed berries, or buy fruit I can peel. And I carry  Lifebuoy ActivFresh hand sanitizer  so they stay protected from germs when we’re travelling!”



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