Crossing Borders Without A Passport

While more accessible travel is a great thing, it has encouraged the rise of the most unwanted visitor: germs. Germs are perfectly happy to relocate and re-infect. For them, there is no border control. 

Over one billion people travel by air every year across the world — bringing with them microbes from every city, every country, every continent. And these new worldly-wise bugs are growing ever-resilient — spreading across the globe they’re multiplying and thriving in their new homes and warmer climates. 

Even though the environment of a plane itself isn’t necessarily germ-breeding it could still be a carrier of disease and germs because of body-to-body contact, airborne-infected droplets from a sneezing neighbour and even insect bites. 

A simple habit

But the spread can start and end with us. Up in the air, or down on the ground, handwashing is vital to protect your loved ones and you from infection. Improving hand hygiene by washing hands with Lifebuoy handwash or soap at key times like before eating and after we go to the toilet can help save lives.

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