Lifebuoy Lemon Fresh Soap Bar 


Did you know that sweat and germs can cause skin irritation, heat rashes and embarrassing body odour? Lifebuoy Lemon Fresh bar soap is the perfect solution to fight these skin problems causing germs*. The refreshing burst of lemons makes you feel fresh, protecting you from sweat and germs#. Our skin is the first line of defense from the outside world therefore personal hygiene is the first form of protection our skin needs. Good personal hygiene leads to protection against the spread of germs, which can lead to infections. Lemons are rich source of citric acid and have long been known for their powerful natural germ protection properties. Lifebuoy's Lemon Fresh bath soap is designed with refreshing and zesty lemon juice, making you feel fresh. Our Lifebuoy Lemon Fresh silver shield formula gives 100% stronger germ protection* A bath with our Lemon Fresh soap bar will invigorate your senses. The rich foamy lather will help to thoroughly clean, remove sweat, germs and will give you a clean skin feel making you energized. Use Lifebuoy Lemon Fresh for 12 hour freshness**


• A perfect solution with the refereshing burst of lemon fragrance makes you feel light, fights odor and germs# • The power of zesty lemons makes you fresh • Its Advanced Silver Shield Formula gives 100% stronger germ protection* • Bathe with Lifebuoy Lemon Fresh soap to protect you and your family from sweat and odour causing germs# • Lifebuoy is the world's Number 1 Selling Germ Protection Soap^


You can also choose from some of the other Lifebuoy Soap Bar variants including Lifebuoy Total 10, Lifebuoy Neem, Lifebuoy Turmeric and Lifebuoy Mild Care. *as per lab test, on indicator organism vs. ordinary soap without actives #as per lab test ^ Unilever calculation based on Nielsen Volume sales information for the total markets (Latest 12 months) **Based on an independent survey conducted in 2019