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  • Bar soap

    Lifebuoy-Soap-Silver Shield +-Wrapper-125g
    Did you know that sweat and germs can cause skin irritation, heat rashes and embarrassing body odour? Lifebuoy Lemon Fresh bar soap is the perfect solution to fight these skin problems causing germs*
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  • Hand wash

    Lifebuoy-Handwash-Total 10+ Pouch 190ml
    Lifebuoy, World’s number 1 selling germ protection soap^, brings to you Germ Protection handwash for kids.
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  • Sanitizer

    Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer 50ml.tif
    The world health organisation recommends to use an alcohol based hand sanitizer when out of home to prevent the spread of bacteria and virus
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Top Health and Hygiene Tips for Monsoon Season

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H1N1 | Lifebuoy

H1N1 is the very clinical-sounding official name for Swine Flu.

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