Top Health and Hygiene Tips for Monsoon Season

DID YOU KNOW…common infections like Flu, skin & eye infections are more prevalent during monsoons?

GERMS SURVIVE LONGER IN DAMP CONDITIONS There is much more moisture in the air which allows germs to multiply

By understanding how infections spread during monsoons you can help keep your family healthy. Here are some reasons why there is an increase in infections:

  • MIXING OF “CLEAN” WATER WITH “DIRTY” WATER IS LIKELY Rain water or water rising up from sewage can get mixed up with drinking and bathing water so you could be exposed to bacterial diseases
  • STAGNANT WATER AROUND US IN MONSOONS SOON BECOMES A BREEDING GROUND FOR GERMS It attracts mosquitoes and flies that carry infection like malaria and dengue
  • WATER SPLASHES FROM THE GROUND CARRY GERMS THAT CAUSE INFECTIONS LIKE SKIN IRRITATIONS Contaminated water from the ground comes into contact with different parts of our bodies

DID YOU KNOW…using soap at key occasions can help prevent the spread of waterborne diseases?

Handwashing and bathing with soap and clean water is the best way to protect you and your family from cough, cold, Flu, eye, stomach and skin infections.

Lifebuoy creates products that are 100% proven to protect against diseases during the rainy season. This means children can be free to enjoy the rain, and moms don’t have to worry.

The ABC of preventing infections in the monsoon: Always wash with soap and water be careful of dirty water, muck and dampness Clean water for drinking, cooking and washing.



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