10 Health Tips for the Summer

Lifebuoy’s top 10 health tips for staying one step ahead of infections this summer


1. WEAR LIGHT COTTON CLOTHES – which let your skin breathe and reduce perspiration. Sweat-loving bacteria are the cause of prickly heat, so stay cool to avoid infection.


2. AVOID MIDDAY HEAT – which can lead to heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Protect your family by staying in the shade and keeping hydrated with plenty of water.


3. WEAR HATS AND SUNSCREEN – sunscreens guard you from the harmful effect of the sun’s rays so will keep your skin protected. Wearing hats and staying in the shade keeps you cool and dry…which is a good way to avoid body odour and prickly heat.


4. REGULAR HANDWASHING –  remember that germs live everywhere, from countertops to door handles and you are in constant contact with these germs. Lifebuoy gives protection from 10 infection-causing germs, so frequent handwashing is key to protecting yourself against germs causing summer infections.


5. BATHE REGULARLY – to avoid a build-up of perspiration. Lifebuoy cool fresh provides long-lasting protection against germs that cause body odour.


6. KEEP HYDRATED – fresh water and juice keep your children hydrated and cool. Check drinking water is safe or suitably treated to be potable to avoid water-borne infections like gastroenteritis.


7. EAT HEALTHILY – vitamins naturally boost the immune system so give children lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to help fight off summer infections. Make sure fruits and vegetables are washed in clean water.


8. AVOID RUBBING YOUR EYES – use clean towels and handkerchiefs to avoid eye infections spreading from one person to another.


9. KEEP FRESH WATER CONTAINERS CLEAN – containers should be emptied, dried and refilled regularly to prevent mosquitos breeding. Mosquitos carry infection, so are best avoided.


10. PREPARE FOOD SURFACES – make sure your worktops and hands are washed and dried before you prepare food to reduce risk of food poisoning!




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