Good Luck and Good Health for New Year!

How to Keep Healthy Throughout the Year

At Lifebuoy, we work hard to ensure that you and your family stay happy and healthy for the whole year. This is particularly important in the winter, when harmful germs and bacteria are at their most prevalent and our bodies’ natural defenses are at their weakest. Illnesses like coughs, colds, vomiting, diarrhea, and even more serious diseases, can all spread rapidly at this time of year – and easily put a dampener on the New Year festivities. That’s why the experts at Lifebuoy have put together our top tips to help you stave off those winter infections and build healthy habits for the year ahead.

Lifebuoy’s top tips for New Year health:

  • STAY ONE STEP AHEAD BY HANDWASHING WITH SOAP. The holiday season is a great time to catch up with family and friends, but this also means that germs can be quickly passed from person to person. Regular handwashing with an effective anti-bacterial soap such as Lifebuoy Total 10 Hand Wash is a simple way to help prevent infections during festivities.
  • TAKE THE HEALTHY FOOD OPTION THIS NEW YEAR. People say that eating healthily during the New Year brings good luck, but this is one lifestyle change that offers benefits all year round. Why not give your immune system a boost by trying foods that are rich in vitamins A and C, like mandarin oranges or melon seeds?
  • KEEP UP HEALTHY HABITS. This holiday season, try not to avoid healthy habits just because you’re not following your normal routine. Whether it’s exercising or eating the right foods, abandoning good habits now will only make them harder to maintain in the long run. And if you’re out of the house, take care of yourself by using Lifebuoy Total 10 Hand Sanitizer for protection.
  • START SOMETHING NEW. Many cultures believe New Year to be an auspicious time to start a new venture or adopt a new habit. It’s time to embrace a whole new you, and start the New Year as you mean to go on.
  • JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE ON VACATION DOESN’T MEAN GERMS ARE! In fact, you and your family may be even more exposed to bacteria than you would be at other times of year. Reduce the risk of contracting infections in crowded locations by washing your hands with soap regularly.
  • GO MEAT FREE. In the Chinese tradition, many people abstain from eating meat on the first and thirteenth day of the Lunar New Year calendar. Cutting down our meat consumption could benefit all of us, especially since scientists have identified a potential link between red meat and the risk of bowel cancer.

Whatever you have planned for the upcoming year, we hope that it brings you good luck and good health! Be sure to follow our top tips to get the head start you need for a newer, healthier you.



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