Indoor Activities for Kids on a Rainy Day

Monsoon season is traditionally a time of hope and regeneration. It eases us after the summer heat waves, replenishes our water supply and feeds our crops. Yet it means children are often cooped up inside for long periods, which can result in an increase in colds and coughs, skin and eye infections and diarrhoea.

It can be difficult to find healthy and fun activities for kids while at home, so here are some ideas.

1. COOKING TOGETHER Why not prepare a healthy meal together? Try to focus on sweet foods that are good for you like mandarins, cherries and sweet peas. Use cooking with the kids as an opportunity to make handwashing with Lifebuoy before preparing and eating food a family habit.

2. PLAY DRESS UP Grab a few old clothes from the cupboard and let the children use their imagination and create their own characters. It will keep them entertained while you get on with chores.

3. MOVIE TIME Pouring rain outside is a great excuse to cuddle up and watch a kids movie together inside. While it’s on, air out your family’s clothes to stop the growth of fungus that can cause infections.

4. BRING OUT4. BRING OUT THE ARTIST IN YOUR CHILD Get the paint brushes out try some arts and crafts. Why not design a poster on staying healthy while having fun during monsoons?



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